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Our Promise...

nai was founded because we believe we can and should strive to do better... for our families, for ourselves and for Arabia.

nai was founded to create a modern, transparent and ethical brand, one that respects and reflects our rich cultural traditions of hospitality, generosity and kindness.

nai was founded because we believe we can create a range of food & beverage products that are unique, natural, healthier and that taste great. Products that are proudly Arabian and that pay tribute to popular recipes from our rich culinary tradition.

nai was founded to shed light on our entrepreneurial journey; one story - amongst a multitude of similar stories - across our region… for it is important to recall that our ancestors were amongst the world’s original traders and entrepreneurs and that by sharing our story, others can hopefully learn from our successes and our failures and do better.

nai was founded because all of Arabia is in our DNA. We are from and belong to all of Arabia and we are influenced by every part and every person within it. We are proud of our region and believe it has an important positive story to tell.

Finally, nai was founded because we have a responsibility to give back. We aim to play a real and active role within our community, be it through extensive charitable work or something as simple as reminding people to smile. We will work to inspire Good for Arabia. We will look to fulfill a simple promise:


Our iced teas are made using the best tea leaves we could source and brewed in exactly the same way that you would make your tea at home- in kettles! Our aim was to provide you with a truly authentic tea, made with the finest natural ingredients and infused with flavours that are distinctly Arabian. We hope you love them as much as we do!

We have saved


We care about your health. That is why our iced teas are formulated to have - on average - 33% fewer calories per serving than the 3 leading iced tea brands sold in the region. Every time we sell a bottle of nai iced tea, this counter will go up and will keep a record of the calories we've saved in Arabia.

Coming Soon!

We are in the process of developing new lines of products, unique to nai, in collaboration with some of the most celebrated chefs in our region. We'll keep you posted!


The nai is one of the oldest musical instruments in history, dating back thousands of years.

At nai, we love and live by music. It is food for the soul. For our love of music, we put together a nai playlist to share with you, combining East and West, both classic and current tunes.

Whether you’re at your desk, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, at the gym or on a long drive, we invite you to tune in, enjoy and be inspired by nai radio.

Click on the radio to enjoy our playlist

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